Securestorm (formerly known as IACS LLP) was formed when our co-founders made a decision to set up a lean and expertise focused cyber security consultancy. We have retained the wealth of experience and professionalism of a large scale cyber security firm, but are able to offer a far more tailored and value based services to our customers. 

We bring a wealth of security experience within an agile, client focused cyber and cloud security practice. Through our carefully selected team of security experts we are able to focus on really understanding the specific needs and capabilities of your business to ensure that we deliver and exceed the high quality that our customers expect and maintain alignment with your strategic security goals.

We work across a wide range of markets, from multi-national corporates and government agencies, through to smaller businesses that want to develop strong security models to fit their specific business requirements. The experience of our people and cross-market presence provides us with great insight into the most effective security models and practices to use and how other businesses within your sector are leveraging these to their advantage.