Cloud Security

The move to a cloud model can bring a wealth of benefits to your organisation

the security implications of moving data and services outside YOUR COMPANY'S ESTATE and control IS HARD TO DECIDE AND MEASURE THE RISK OF.

You have covered the basics:

  • your data is only stored within a specific geography THAT YOU NEED?

  • iS IT appropriately segregated from other customers within the cloud environment?

  • IS your data protected by strong encryption in transit and at rest? Really?

  • Have you actually performed an independent review to confirm that your corporate data and services are safe OR ARE YOU GOING ON WHAT THE CLOUD SERVICE PROVIDER SAID?

Our Cloud Security experts can aid you in achieving visibility and transparency within Cloud environments. Helping you to identify advanced threats and enabling you to meet regulatory and compliance requirements. We can help you to get the flexibility and scalability of a cloud based approach with a clear focus on ensuring that our work maintains a clear alignment with the strategic goals of your organisation and minimises the impact to business operations.

Members of the IACS Cloud Security service carry the CCSK certification and can certify your cloud implementation against the industry standard CSA STAR scheme. Providing independent assurance that your environment meets industry standard cloud security best practice.

IACS have experience of implementing cloud security within both the commercial and government sectors. We can provide accreditation to government cloud standards and are one of the small number of security assurance firms that have successfully implemented ISO 27001 in the cloud for our clients.

Key elements of a cloud implementation that we can help you with are:

  • Secure design and design review of your existing solutions

  • Selection of a reputable cloud service provider based upon your business need

  • Guidance on legislative requirements and jurisdictional risks

  • Building robust governance structures for your cloud implementation

  • Implementing effective access controls

  • Independent cloud service provider audits

  • Security assurance to CSA STAR and government cloud security standards

Cloud service offerings are growing and will offer great benefit to your business. Choose a partner with expertise that wants to guide you in making the best decisions for your business in the cloud.