Cyber Security

Could you identify a trojan horse OR MALICIOUS SOFTWARE in your environment?

Could you identify a trojan horse OR MALICIOUS SOFTWARE in your environment?

Cyber attacks are a fact of life. IT'S NOT IF, BUT MORE LIKE WHEN WILL YOU BE NEXT.

No business is immune to being targeted by lone hackers, competitors or foreign nations. There has been an increasing trend in attacks on the businesses that provide services to target organisations, with hackers looking for the weak link to carry out their attack and compromise corporate data. THERE HAVE BEEN MANY SUCCESSFUL TARGETS RECENTLY. DON'T ADD TO THAT LIST WITH YOUR COMPANY.

There is increasing pressure on both commercial and government entities to leverage digital technologies to deliver services in a cost-effective and efficient manner. However, many are encountering significant challenges in implementing this without exposing their assets to an unacceptable level of operational risk.

Understanding the threat landscape to clearly identify what your cyber security threats are and what the motivation behind them is provides the foundation to an effective cyber security strategy.

How We Can Help

IACS is able to provide experienced cyber security professionals that will work with you to secure your systems and services against unintended or unauthorised access. We have experience in implementing cyber security across both commercial organisations and government bodies, helping to put into place the processes and technologies that will allow you to minimise the effect of the cyber security incident and enable you to quantify the impact.


Through our extensive experience in both the public and private sector we are able to perform a detailed assessment to map out your key threat vectors, ensuring that you take a risk based approach to developing your cyber security strategy. IACS can aid you in selecting the most effective way to leverage technology within your organisation and can perform a high level review of  proposed solution architecture design and proposed technologies to guide you towards making the right decisions for your organisation.