We look at GDPR as a positive move for transformation. By providing a target to ensure that your data is correct and in order, it will be in better shape for extracting useful information and actionable insights from it, for marketing, customer improvement purposes, innovation and more.
— Tony Richards, Director

If you are an organisation currently preparing for the GDPR law, then you need to be aware of some mandatory obligations, many of which will take time to prepare for and will have a significant impact internally and externally. With expanded territorial reach and rules around data consent, many organisations will have to re-examine their policies and procedures to stay compliant. Securestorm can ensure that organisations -

  • Prepared for data breaches
  • Establish an organisational accountability framework
  • Embedding a 'Privacy by Design' culture
  • Provide an independent Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Identify organisation roles and responsibilities as Data Processors or Controllers
  • Support with privacy policies for compliance


Securestorm offers a range of advisory and consultancy services to help organisations prepare for and adapt to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We also help organisations meet the requirements of the UK Data Protection Act (DPA), which remains valid until the GDPR comes into effect on 25 May 2018.

Securestorm's DPAAS services:


data protection officer as a service (dpoAAS)

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Our DPO assist clients internally on all matters relating to privacy and data protection as well as GDPR compliance. Securestorm DPO takes over privacy and data protection tasks, staff training, and can serve as an independent expert both internally as well as towards customers or the Data Protection Authorities. Our DPO can take over all tasks required by the GDPR and all roles can be adjusted towards specific needs.


  • Provide pragmatic data protection advice, guidance and training to the executive and colleagues
  • Review processes to ensure compliance with GDPR and identify required changes
  • Alongside in-house staff, undertake a review of all internal and external personal data flows and document them including the lawful grounds for processing
  • Monitor compliance with the GDPR and provide quarterly compliance reports (or aligned to the frequency of the engagement if greater or lesser than 1 day per month)
  • Alongside the personnel team assign data protection responsibilities
  • Undertake and advise on audits of GDPR compliance
  • Provide advice regarding data protection impact assessments and provide a process if this is not currently in place
  • Act as the contact point for data subjects and ensure cooperation with any request or invocation of their GDPR rights
  • Act as the contact point for the supervisory authority and ensure cooperation with any investigation


  • Expertise in national and European data protection laws and practices including an in-depth understanding of the GDPR

  • Technical and security expertise
  • Experience and expertise in IS auditing, IT infrastructure, data management and risk management
  • An in-depth understanding of operational and transformational processes
  • An understanding of the Justice sector, through working with the Supreme Court, Youth Justice Board and Ministry of Justice
  • A support network of experienced colleagues working in data privacy, cloud security, cyber security, third party management, government and private sector
  • Ability to effectively and clearly communicate at both the executive and colleague level



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