Information Assurance Consulting Services LLP (IACS) is proud to announce that it has been accepted onto the CESG CHECK Scheme with a “green light” status, and is approved to provide CHECK Penetration Testing and IT Health Check services.

About the CHECK Scheme

IT health checks identify vulnerabilities in IT systems and networks which may compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of information held on that IT system.
CESG has traditionally provided IT health check services for HMG and the wider public sector of systems handling protectively marked information. Demand for these services has grown. Therefore, in line with similar CESG initiatives, a special partnership with industry is the most appropriate way of meeting this demand. The IT Health Check Service, or CHECK, was developed to enhance the availability and quality of the IT health check services that are provided to Government in line with HMG policy. Companies belonging to CHECK are measured against high standards set by CESG. Therefore, HMG and CNI customers can be assured that they will receive a high quality service if the work is carried out under the Terms & Conditions of CHECK.
Under the new classification policy, the CHECK scheme enables penetration testing by CESG approved companies, employing penetration testing personnel qualified to assess HMG and other public sector bodies. 

Why you need a CHECK Service Provider

Your IT systems probably hold data which is critical to your organisation. You may have created a system that you believe is secure, that uses assured solutions and appropriate security procedures. But how sure are you that your system does not have any vulnerabilities and that it has been correctly configured?
A CHECK Service Provider can analyse the systems or networks you rely on to carry out your business securely and effectively by conducting a number of tests designed to identify any weaknesses utilising publicly known vulnerabilities and common configuration faults.
You will receive a report detailing any vulnerabilities and recommending effective security counter measures.


We bring a wealth of security experience within an agile, client focused information assurance organisation. Through our carefully selected team of information assurance experts we are able to focus on truly understanding the specific needs and capabilities of your business to ensure that we deliver a high quality service and maintain alignment with your strategic security model.
IACS was formed when our Senior Partners made a decision to leave the limitations of the Big 4 environment to set up a lean, responsive information assurance consultancy. We retain the wealth of experience and professionalism of a large scale information security firm, but are able to offer a far more tailored service to our customers. We continue to leverage leading industry standards across our service lines, applying them in a manner that delivers the greatest benefit to our clients.
We work across a wide range of markets, from multi-national corporates and government agencies, through to smaller businesses that want to develop strong security models to fit their specific business requirements. The experience of our people and cross-market presence provides us with a unique insight into the most successful information assurance models in use and how other businesses within your sector are leveraging information assurance to their advantage.

We don’t believe that there is a one size fits all solution to information assurance.

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