Securestorm Partners Up with Edgescan to offer Fully Managed Continuous Vulnerability Assessment & Management Services

Securestorm Ltd., London based Cloud and Cyber security experts, Crown Commercial Suppliers, CESG Certified & NCSC listed providers, Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 consultants have officially partnered up with Edgescan to offer fully managed continuous vulnerability technical assessment and management services to it's expanding portfolio.

Vulnerability Assessment & Management: Proactive Steps to Securing Your Organisation

Every organisation is exposed to an element of risk, ranging from finance to services or production. With the rapid era of digital trading as the norm, organisations are faced with a new risk, the risk associated with 'technology'. Given this additional risk and increased potential for loss, organisations are investing more money to better secure themselves. One vital approach that many companies overlook when developing their security design is the self-administered vulnerability assessment. The practice of conducting an organisational network Vulnerability Assessment can be very beneficial as it can lead to discovering exposures before potential attackers do, and help highlighting the overall security posture of the organisation. 

All modern software contains vulnerabilities; either software defects that require patches to remedy, or configuration issues that require administrative activity to resolve. For this reason, organisations should have a vulnerability management process which enables them to know what vulnerabilities are present within their IT estate on a regular basis. Executive staff should ideally be as aware of the major vulnerabilities in their IT estate as they are of their financial status. The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), has issued a guidance to help organisations assess and prioritize vulnerabilities. Apart from this it also focuses on identifying which patches are most relevant and how to ensure funds and resources can be deployed to best effect. The full guidance can be accessed here: Vulnerability Management.

Fullstack Vulnerability Management Approach


Edgescan, part of BCC Risk Advisory are Ireland based leading consultancy specializing in cyber risk testing and management solutions of Edgescan TM; an unparalleled Vulnerability Management solution approach with continuous security testing and system visibility that delivers a unique service combining full-stack vulnerability management, asset profiling, alerting and risk metrics.

The approach takes into account cloud security by focusing on internal and external vulnerabilities (web applications as well as network infrastructure). It also delivers the flexibility, simplicity and manageability that organizations need to take control of cyber security and prevent web and network attacks. Edgescan is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform designed from the ground up to scale massively, support the largest enterprises and offer the most compelling business efficiency, lowering your overall cost of ownership.

As official partners and certified consultants, Securestorm can offer expert services that helps lessen the burden on your security team and improve overall organisational security posture by:

  • Providing continuous visibility to your on premise and cloud environments
  • Freeing your security team to work on more strategic priorities
  • Satisfying compliance with regulations
  • Safeguarding your critical data

Securestorm services of edgescan approach include:


The standard Edgescan service provided by Securestorm includes: the annual service license, support in on boarding the customer’s applications on to the Edgescan service either via the internet or through a secure VPN from the Edgescan service into the customers infrastructure, and initial setup and configuration of the service.



Securestorm provide an additional managed service package which includes: the annual service license, support in on-boarding the customer’s applications on to the Edgescan service either via the internet or through a secure VPN direct into the customer’s infrastructure, initial setup and configuration, onward management of the service, analysis of the testing reports and incorporation into Risk Management Plans. 


The Edgescan Vulnerability Assessment & Management by Securestorm is available to procure via the G-Cloud space.

For additional information on the vulnerability assessment and management approach tailored to your organisation's infrastructure, budget and considerations please get in touch via or call 0203 8655890 for advice and consultation.

About Securestorm: We are a lean, agile and responsive cyber security consultancy that provides practical advice and intelligence with the aim to simplify the world of Cloud and Cyber Security. With a combination of innovation, expertise and strategy, Securestorm brings synergy to the industry. Securestorm are an approved CCS, CESG & NCSC Certified for Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Audit & Review, Cyber Essentials Certified, ISO 27001 consultants.