Securestorm bring Cyber Security Expertise to Cyber Security Services 2 Framework by NCSC & CCS to Meet Public-Sector Needs

Securestorm, London based Cloud and Cyber security experts, Crown Commercial SuppliersCESG Certified and NCSC Certified Cyber Security Consultants are to bring their expertise and experience to the latest framework Cyber Security Services 2, a dynamic style agreement; with the specific aim of helping the public sector buy certified cyber security consultancy and services using an agile approach starting March 2017. 

The Cyber Security Services 2 Framework is a collaboration between Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC). This agreement provides a flexible and regulated route for central government and the wider public sector to procure NCSC certified cyber security services. NCSC are the UK government's National Technical Authority for Information Assurance. The agreement is based on the approach detailed in their Cyber Security Standard. The agreement is designed to work in an agile way, and iterated frequently to benefit buyers and suppliers. Cyber Security Services 2 aims to be the single, central route to market giving Central Government and Wider Public Sector buyers access to cyber security services, with the assurance of NCSC certification, technically and qualitatively. The services now included are;
        Lot 1: Cyber Consultancy (Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Security Architecture, Audit & Review, Incident Management)
        Lot 2: Penetration Testing
        Lot 3: Incident Response
        Lot 4: Tailored Evaluation

By successfully getting on-board the new framework and being specialized in the Lot 1 offerings as an expert Cyber Consultancy certified by NCSC, Securestorm are experienced and equipped to meet the current needs of public sector organisations; whether they are looking to quickly respond to a cyber-attack, or to build long-term cyber resilience. This achievement follows another recent announcement of Securestorm being on-board, live and bringing expertise to the Digital Outcomes and Specialist Framework 2 on the Govt. marketplace starting February 2017. Read about this here.

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