No. 9 brings a single iteration of 'G-Cloud'

G9 has officially replaced G-Cloud 7 (G7) and G-Cloud 8 (G8) to bring about consistent information about all services to bring more of the G-Cloud buying journey online.

Buyers and suppliers will be able to use one set of contracts for all their G-Cloud services.

securestorm on g-cloud 9

Securestorm has been officially been awarded G-Cloud 9 status following the success of the previous G-Cloud versions. Securestorm are committed to bring innovative as well as cost effective solutions and services that are practical to help Government organisations be secure from cyber-threats as well as manage resources effectively.  

Securestorm CTO, Tony Richards, added "It is great to be live on G9. Keeping in-line with the launch of previous G-cloud iterations, Securestorm is further committed to delivering more, offering streamlined services and exclusive solutions such as the award-winning EdgescanThis combined with our industry experience, delivery capabilities and subject matter expertise on trending threats will no doubt once again see us successfully solving security challenges for our clients across the Government." 

The following services by Securestorm can be found on the Digital Marketplace:




Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services or Salesforce are increasingly being used but often do not utilize all of the security options available.

Securestorm, an NCSC certified Cyber Security Consultancy, assists customers in defining their security needs and designing and assuring security of public, private or hybrid cloud services.


  • Certified under the NCSC Cyber Security Consultancy scheme
  • AWS Partner
  • Certified (CCP) Cyber Security Professionials
  • Cloud Security Alliance STAR Lead Auditors
  • (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professionals (CCSP)
  • Cyber Essentials certified company
  • AWS secure for OFFICAL Architectal Design and Cloud Formation Templates
  • Leaders in secure OFFICIAL environments architecture design and review
  • Review of AWS or Salesforce Identity & Access Management permissions
  • Review security options chosen and those available against best practices
  • Assessment and review of AWS instances and configurations


  • Company certified under the NCSC Cyber Security Consultancy scheme
  • Deep dive Security Assurance and Audit previously conducted of AWS
  • Ensures compliant and secure cloud services for your organisational needs
  • Utilising the inherent security of cloud services for reduced complexity
  • Understanding of security options for current or future deployments
  • Recommendations for user role and privileges to meet business requirements
  • Improved audit and incident response capability
  • Expertise in delivering secure cloud services to existing G-Cloud customers
  • Deep dive Security Assurance and Audit previously conducted of Salesforce

Securestorm are actively working to champion Cloud Security best practices that enable Government and businesses to run more efficiently and cost effectively. Read about our contribution and best practices in a recently published research papers:



Edgescan - Continuous Technical Security Vulnerability Assessment

Edgescan is a managed, Continuous Technical Security Vulnerability Assessment service with continuous, security testing and system visibility that delivers a unique service combining full-stack vulnerability management, asset profiling, alerting and risk metrics. As official partners, Securestorm, an NCSC certified company, will assist customers with on-boarding the service and portal configuration.





Knack - "Low Code" Application and Database Pilot Development platform

Knack is an easy to use "Low-Code" development platform that Securestorm can provide as a pilot development service that lets you quickly build online applications and data databases as a proof of concepts. With Knack you can structure data, connect by linking related records together and extend data integrations.

Knack Low Code Development Platform Consultancy

Securestorm provides expert consultancy on how to use Knack, the "Low-Code" development platform, including: setup, configuration, management and development. Knack is an easy to use "Low-Code development platform", suitable for OFFICIAL information, that transforms data into powerful online databases, with clean interfaces, and requires no coding.




Nol-ij, the Continuous Information Risk Management Dashboard

Nol-ij is a cost effective, Continuous Information Risk Management Dashboard, that supports and streamlines governance, information risk management and security assurance through identification, evaluation, treatment and management of strategic, operational and project security risks, ensuring decision makers have the necessary information at their fingertips to confidently manage their risk portfolio.

Nol-ij Configuration, CUSTOMIZATION and Support Consultancy

Nol-ij, the Continuous Information Risk Assessment Dashboard can help organisations identify, track and minimize the information risks inherent in their systems and services. Securestorm provides expert consultancy to assist and enable organisations to setup, configure or even adapt and customize the Dashboard to their needs.



To request for a for additional information on any services tailored to your organisation's infrastructure, budget and considerations please get in touch via or call 0203 8655890 for advice and consultation. Additionally visit our technology services directory www.Informd.Online to view assurance reports services.