new Government ANNOUNCEMENT to protect essential services from cyber attack

The UK Government issued a press release that warned British industries to boost cyber security or face hefty fines for leaving themselves vulnerable to attack. Here are the key-points from the press article.

  • Organisations risk fines of up to £17 million if they do not have effective cyber security measures
  • Sector-specific regulators will be appointed so essential services are protected
  • National Cyber Security Centre publishes new guidance for industry

Link to the full article here.



The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the UK’s centre of cyber excellence established in 2017, has published detailed guidance on the security measures to help organisations comply. These are based around 14 key principles set out in the NCSC consultation and government response, and are aligned with existing cyber security standards.


Cybersecurity is everyone's problem, not just the responsibility of IT departments.
Companies have to accept the fact that security has to be planned and implemented in to all business processes. Most organisations that deal with numerous consumer data may need to appoint, outsource or train key responsible personnel like CISOs, Information Security Officers and Data Protection Officers (DPOs).


By now most companies have build up a 'cyber-awareness', that they must protect and invest in information security and IT assets to reduce the risk of breach, loss or exposure of data, theft of resources, and overall brand reputation with addition to the hefty penalties that they might incur. The recent breach reports and news articles like the popular TALK-TALK incident are examples of why.  However, the challenge is how, particularly when most businesses lack the key skills to do so.

Looking for the right security partner can be a daunting task especially in a crowded marketplace. But there are some key factors to consider while looking for consultants that fit your purpose:

  • Trust: Find out if they have relevant industry accreditations. For example, being an NCSC certified Cyber Consultancy would be good start. It is not always about certifications over experience, but your selected security partner should hold relevant qualifications that suit your industry type.
  • Pragmatic:  It is essential that your security partner provides practical advice and solutions that are carefully analyzed and chosen to reflect the right balance of benefit and costs. That is why going for a 'one-size-fits-all' solution does not work. Depending on your organisation, a degree of flexibility is required due to factors such as firm’s size & strength, matrix, cyber-security culture and maturity.
  • Experience: It is important to know that you are getting the skill-set you paid for. Many large and reputed IT security vendors most often have the best online-presence but when it comes to experienced talents to actually fulfil clients responsibilities, they fall short. Our advice would be to get to know the team and look into their experience and client-delivery records.
  • Industry Exposure: Each industry has its own information security protocol to follow. Furthermore, there are also different security group of guidelines such as NIST, ISO:27001, etc that apply to different organisations. This is why choosing a partner with relevant industry exposure makes a difference in your security goals.
    - Are you a Government Body or SME/Large Private organisation ?
    - Or are you a regulated industry like Banking, Finance or Telecommunications ? 

why securestorm ?


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Securestorm are a NCSC Certified Cyber Security Consultancy with demonstrable experience and proven delivery capabilities. Advanced security solutions and services include: Nol-ij® - Continuous Risk Management, Edgescan® - Full Stack Vulnerability Management, CybSafe® - Unified Cyber Awareness Platform, and Falanx MidGARD™ - Advanced Monitoring Platform.