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Securestorm to Work with UK Supreme Court


Securestorm to Work with UK Supreme Court


Securestorm wins 'Security Services' contract with the UK Supreme Court

Securestorm Ltd., the provider of pragmatic Security services and solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract to deliver a managed ‘Cyber Security’ solution and services package tailored to boost the overall Security efforts of its client the UK Supreme Court.





The work will consist of providing an award winning Continuous Security Testing and Vulnerability Management system called Edgescan. Another key solution provided will be the GCHQ Accredited - Unified Cyber Security Training & Awareness Platform called Cybsafe. Part of the work will also include provision of Cyber Essentials accreditation, which is an NCSC and Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.  

The Securestorm Cyber Security Package will ensure that the Supreme Court will be able to use a full-stack assessment engine to identify any vulnerabilities or risks to their website and applications while improving cyber security behaviour, visualising human factor vulnerability, and reducing cyber risk with a unified security training programme. The added Cyber Essentials consultation and accreditation will reassure the public that the Supreme Court is working towards securing IT against cyber-attacks and have security measures in place against cyber risks.

Tony Richards, Director of Securestorm, commented:

"We are delighted to have won the work to deliver this crucial cyber security project for the UK Supreme Court and are confident that we can contribute to the creation of a digitally secure and connected environment as we have done with our other Government clients. The Supreme Court, plays an important role in the development of United Kingdom law. As an SME, it is a testament to our expertise, experience and capabilities in that we are able to support the nations crucial legal system at a security level."

About: Securestorm® are leading security experts who deliver pragmatic advice, practical solutions and solve security challenges across the Digital, Cloud, Cyber and Data Protection (GDPR) domains. With a combination of experience, expertise and strategic awareness, Securestorm offers technical and strategic consultancy, managed security services and solutions to clients across both Public and Private sectors. Securestorm holds several certifications, notably being NCSC Certified Cyber Security Consultancy, Crown Commercial Suppliers, and Cyber Essentials. Furthermore, Securestorm are also industry prominent for its proven delivery capabilities.


Beyond Tick-Box Training...


Beyond Tick-Box Training...

Securestorm, the NCSC Certified Cyber Security Consultants are proud to have officially partnered with CybSafe, the GCHQ-accredited cyber security awareness training solution to deliver an intelligent and constantly-evolving training software platform that gives organisations a level of expertise, insight, research and understanding that goes above and beyond traditional tick box training.

CYBSAFE-social media announcement-Twitter.png

Tony Richards, CTO, Securestorm said, "We are delighted to tie-up with CybSafe. As cyber security advisors working alongside multiple organisations across Government to Private sectors, we have always expressed how security awareness and training is not a 'tick-box' activity. With our partnership we are able to provide innovative and engaging security training helping organizations to really embed and sustain better behaviours when it comes cyber security. The goal here is to embed a resilient security culture throughout organisations."


Most businesses know that the human aspect of cyber security is important. They also know that they aren’t doing enough to address it and worry that they carry too much unnecessary cyber security and data protection risk as a result.

The issues preventing good cyber security behaviour from the everyday-technology-users within their organisations aren’t actually just knowledge and understanding. Many people are also Apathetic, Disengaged, Fearful or Confused.

These businesses want a cyber security awareness solution that demonstrably addresses the human aspect by changing behaviour, shows a demonstrable return on investment and marks them out as an organisation that can be trusted to take data protection seriously.

What is CybSafe?

CybSafe is Unified Cyber Awareness Platform. It is a data-driven, cloud-based software that addresses the human aspect of cyber security. In doing so it helps businesses to improve cyber security behaviour, visualise human factor vulnerability, and reduce cyber risk.

A Unified Cyber Awareness Platform

CybSafe is a Unified Cyber Awareness Platform that helps organisations intelligently address the human aspect of cyber security by focusing on ABC – Awareness, Behaviour & Culture.

It is advanced software that:

  • delivers GCHQ-accredited awareness training,
  • uses simulated multi-vector attacks and other methods to measure changes in behaviour, and
  • enables businesses to engage their people by keeping them informed and encouraging them to contribute their insight.

CybSafe helps organisations:

  • reduce their cyber risk,
  • build a positive cyber security culture,
  • meet their GDPR and other compliance requirements and
  • see a return on their investment.

It brings together (many of the aspects) a business needs address the human aspect of cyber security effectively.

  • Train & Educate
  • Change behaviour
  • Inform
  • Engage
  • Measure & Analyse
  • Visualise & Report

CybSafe is a platform that can either be delivered on its own (for businesses without the capacity to do more), or as a mainstay feature that is complemented by additional security awareness activity. It is the only GCHQ-certified training tool of its kind that delivers this.

An awareness programme should be an intelligently woven together series of activities that engage, educate, assess and inform Users. If done properly Users feel empowered rather than undermined. They also increasingly see the value in their understanding of cyber security and feel part of the collective solution. It’s a journey that takes many from ambivalence, disinterest and a feeling of inconvenience to interest, appreciation and sensible caution.

Most businesses don’t have the time, expertise or resource capacity to focus on the human aspect of cyber security as much as they should/would like.  CybSafe’s Unified Cyber Awareness Platform automates the provision of this activity making its delivery effortless on the part of busy professional people.

Who is CybSafe for?
  • For businesses that realise that they need no longer pay lip service to the ‘people component’.
  • For those that understand that they don’t have the staff, time or expertise to address this component effectively on their own.
  • Any organisation that would like to directly address the human factor in cyber security to reduce their chances of having a breach – and benefit from the insights and experiences of others whilst saving money in the process.

Like to know more ?

If you would like more information or advice on our range of Security Training and Awareness Programmes, get in touch here.