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Small Budgets Cripple Cyber Security Efforts of Local Governments


Small Budgets Cripple Cyber Security Efforts of Local Governments

Small Budgets Cripple Cyber Security Efforts of Local Governments

A survey of local government chief information officers finds that insufficient funding for cyber-security is the biggest obstacle in achieving high levels of cyber safety.

Inadequate budgets are the largest obstacle for local government chief information officers in obtaining the highest level of cyber security for their organization, according to a survey released by the International City/County Management Association.

According to 411 respondents in the Cyber security 2016 survey, 32% reported seeing an increase in cyber attacks to their organizations within the past 12 months. But despite this increase, more than half of the CIOs surveyed found steep obstacles still stood in their way of achieving the highest level of cyber security as possible.

Survey respondents pointed to these reasons as the barriers to obtaining high cyber-security levels:

  • 58% noted inability to pay competitive salaries
  • 53% attributed small cyber-security staff as the main obstacle
  • 52% cited overall lack of funds

Although adequate funding was listed as the top need in achieving the highest level of cyber security for local governments, improved cyber-security policies ranked as No. 2, followed by government employees having a better understanding of cyber-security as No. 3, according to the survey.


"The threat landscape is ever evolving"

Rather than treading over old ground, it’s time to step forward to address the ever widening gap between criminal capability and intent, and our capability to defend ourselves. While the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) initiatives are in place and taking effect for the long-term goal of securing the nation as a whole, the industry needs to work-along side these measures to ensure progress and continuity as a collective unit.

As NCSC Certified Consultants actively working closely with the Government sector we strongly believe:

  • getting the basics right could prevent 85% of breaches
  • that moving to a secure culture by actively working with teams will change mindsets
  • measuring that culture periodically will help review and fix gaps
  • sharing information between departments and organisations will unify the common goal of being secured
  • building capability internally will lead to long-term resource, time and cost savings

Securestorm has worked with clients facing constraints when it comes to budget, expertise and security culture gaps by way of offering practical solutions that addresses the organisational goals when it comes total cyber security. Recently, Securestorm signed a partnership with Edgescan Ltd. to bring a solution that provides the necessary flexibility & efficiency to departments facing such hurdles. Securestorm also offer services to on-board and manage the solution so that internal resources can focus on other organisational priorities. This ensures cost, time and resource savings while receiving expertise that can transform the entire security culture of the organisation. 

Read about managed CONTINUOUS security vulnerability assessment service

Edgescan takes into account cloud security by focusing on internal and external vulnerabilities (web applications as well as network infrastructure). It also delivers the flexibility, simplicity and manageability that organizations need to take control of cyber security and prevent web and network attacks. Edgescan is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform designed from the ground up to scale massively, support the largest enterprises and offer the most compelling business efficiency, lowering your overall cost of ownership.

As official Edgescan G-Cloud suppliers and certified consultants, Securestorm can offer expert services that helps lessen the burden on your security team and improve overall organisational security posture by:

  • Providing continuous visibility to your on premise and cloud environments
  • Freeing your security team to work on more strategic priorities
  • Satisfying compliance with regulations
  • Safeguarding your critical data
         Presenting Vulnerability Management Service at SOCITM SPRING 2016

         Presenting Vulnerability Management Service at SOCITM SPRING 2016

        As partners, Securestorm are official G-Cloud Suppliers of Edgescan solution

       As partners, Securestorm are official G-Cloud Suppliers of Edgescan solution

meeting opportunity: Securestorm & edgescan at infosecurity

Securestorm will join Edgescan at Infosecurity Europe, 06-08 June at Olympia, London. Visitors can learn about full-stack vulnerability management solution



The Edgescan Vulnerability Assessment & Management by Securestorm is available to procure via the G-Cloud space. The service information can also be found on our own assured service directory 'Informd.Online' with a free registration for Government departments.

To request for a trail or for additional information on the vulnerability assessment and management approach tailored to your organisation's infrastructure, budget and considerations please get in touch via or call 0203 8655890 for advice and consultation.