Tickbox Security

Compliance is not just about getting a tick in the box or giving marketing another line to add to the sales pack. Organisations spend huge sums of money to ensure that they are compliant with the required regulations and legislations. Are you making this investment really work for your business?

The IACS Compliance service will work with your business to ensure that you have identified all of the relevant directives to which you must be compliant. We will also recommend industry recognised standards that will give you the advantage in the market, using compliance activity as a spring-board to information assurance excellence. Through our cross-market exposure, we are able to see which standards bring the most return on investment to your business.

Our compliance team have a range of internationally recognised certifications (including ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, PCI-DSS QSA and CSA STAR) and a can call on a wealth of experience to ensure that we can deliver on our commitment to compliance.

Our experts will provide targeted consultancy, enabling your business to achieve compliance and certification to internationally recognised Information Assurance standards. We understand the issues and complexities faced in implementing security standards. Our consultants are available to help you to implement the required controls, processes and policies within your business to achieve compliance.

As the need for PCI DSS compliance is becomes greater, with penalty fees now being more forcibly enforced, organisations are driving forward compliance activity to avoid costly financial penalties and damage to their reputation. The time to protect card holder data is now.

ISO/IEC 27001 compliance is become a baseline standard across sectors. We will provide certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditors to carry out a detailed analysis of the steps that your business needs to take in order to obtain certification.  IACS will help you build a bespoke ISMS (Information Security Management System), giving you confidence that appropriate and proportionate security controls that protect information the assets have been selected specifically for your business and that you are prepared for certification.