edgescan solution:
fullstack vulnerability management services

Edgescan is a managed, Continuous Technical Security Vulnerability Assessment service with continuous, security testing and system visibility that delivers a unique service combining full-stack vulnerability management, asset profiling, alerting and risk metrics. As official partners, Securestorm, an NCSC certified company, will assist customers with on-boarding the service and portal configuration.


  • Continuous security technical vulnerability testing
  • "Full-stack coverage" - Web applications/sites & hosting /cloud environments
  • False positive-free results, managed service with vulnerability analysis
  • Variable testing frequency: fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or on demand
  • Incredibliy detailed vulnerability reporting, including code injection & response
  • Continuous system visibility via secure online portal
  • Super Rich API for painless integration with JIRA and ServiceNow
  • Customisable Alerting, via email, SMS or other channels
  • Highly Customisable reporting, in PDF, CSV and EXCEL formats
  • 24/7 Governance Risk and Compliance Metrics


  • Provides continuous visibility on premise and cloud environments
  • Helps free up security staff to focus on other issues
  • Helps comply with auditing and compliance standards
  • Suitable for OFFICIAL (including OFFICIAL-Sensitive) classified services
  • Enables to react quickly to security threats, by identifying issues
  • Value for money over traditional security for start-ups to corporate
  • Helps manage critical assets freeing up resources & time
  • Expert analysts ensure risk reported accurately and rated appropriately
  • High flexibility with systems accessibility as and when required
  • Monitor security rating to help track performance and improvements


Already successfully implemented in Government bodies such as the Youth Justice Board, the Edgescan Vulnerability Assessment & Management by Securestorm is available to procure via the G-Cloud space. 

Alternatively, to arrange a complimentary DEMO or get additional information on the vulnerability assessment and management approach tailored to your organisation's infrastructure, budget and considerations please get in touch via enquiries@securestorm.com or call 0203 8655890 for advice and consultation.